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around the world.

We will help you unlock your inner creativity so you can excel in your DIY project.
Boost your confidence and be willing to learn.

We believe learning should be fun and exciting to want to explore new DIY experiences.

Thanks for taking a look at the Mustard Seed DIY School's website.  Hope you enjoy the benefits of experimenting with different projects in the comfort of your own creative space.  Allow for the possibilities of your creativity to come to life.


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Together, we are changing the world.

What we do?

We are committed to providing a world-class education for all of our students, regardless of their background, or circumstances.

Our Impact!

Our School is here to change lives and make an impact on people who want to learn on their own .

Who are the students?

Students are from all over the world who wants to learn DIY and isn't afraid to put themselves out there to learn the craft. 

Quality Teaching.

We take the time to show our students how to videos and provide worksheets, eBooks, and Journals for distant learning.
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"Change can be courageous so let's get creative."
Sylvia Raquel

We help people get the DIY education and understanding they need to build DIY happiness for their future endeavors!

We have built classes with the help of our Instructor's experiences. This enables us to create engaging courses, tutorials and other learning materials across a wide variety of categories.

Open a whole world of education

In our platform, you will find all of our available online courses. Select a course that is right for your DIY needs. 

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Mustard Seed DIY School believes in innovative ideas to transform the lives of DIYERS. 
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